Undergraduate Action Research Projects

Kristina Mahoney (Trinity '08)

Using Social Stories and Facilitated Group Play to Enhance the Social Participation and Initiation of a Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kevin Wong (Trinity '08)

The Role of Book Club in ELL Reading Motivation

Rachel Saperstein (Trinity '08)

Improving the Math Skills of an LEP Student: Case Study with an Exceptional Child

Mabel Rodriguez (Trinity '08)

Independent Projects: A Gifted Child's Motivator?

Allison Milam (Trinity '09)

High-Frequency Word Learning Among ELL Students

Davina Chu (Trinity '09)

The Effect of Dialogue Journals on an ELL Student's Writing Skills

In EDUC 110 - Research and Reflective Practice, students engage in an action research project.  Undergraduate students are required to identify a child in their assigned K-6 classroom that needs academic and/or social-emotional support.  Students then design an intervention  for the selected child and track his/her response to the intervention over time.