Rebecca Arnow (Trinity 2009)

"I currently teach at an International Baccalaureate school in Singapore. The I.B. Primary Years Program has a holistic and child-centered philosophy, and the school in which I teach allows me the freedom to plan and manage my classroom as I see best for my students. Although I am expected to devise all of my own materials and decide on my own objectives, I am able to fully enjoy this autonomy thanks to the thorough preparation and rich education I received from Duke. Every day in the classroom and while lesson planning I find that I use the skills I specifically gained from my courses, professors and the resources I was led to. I am so grateful for the encouragement, one-on-one meetings and reflections, and support I received from Duke. Dr. Riggsbee along with my other professors have given me the confidence as well as the planning and reflecting skills I really need to be successful in the classroom and in the type of program I teach in."