Program in Education Film Festival: Teaching and Learning Through the Documentary Lens

Series Host: Dr. Alan Teasley                                    

The Program in Education’s inaugural film festival in Spring 2009 included three important works highlighting the dedication of public school teachers and administrators and their impact on students:

  • In A Touch of Greatness (Leslie Sullivan, 2005), former students of Albert Callum, an innovative elementary school teacher in the 1960s, gather to reflect on his influence, born of the philosophy that “learning should be joyful.”
  • I am a Promise: the Children of Stanton Elementary School (Alan & Susan Raymond, 1993) sheds light on the hard work of principal Deanna Burney over the course of one school year.
  • Hard Times at Douglas High: A No Child Left Behind Report Card (Alan & Susan Raymond, 2008) focuses on the issues and consequences of the NCLB Act for an inner-city school in Baltimore. 


    • Alan Teasley

Alan Teasley is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Education and co-author with Ann Wilder of Reel Conversations: Reading Films with Young Adults (1997). He has served on the selection committee for the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival for the past five years.