Mohamed A. F. Noor

Professor of Biology

External address: 
130 Science Drive, Room 137, Duke Box 90338, Durham, NC 27708
Internal office address: 
Duke Box 90338, Biology Department, Durham, NC 27708-4129
(919) 613-8156

Dr. Noor is a member of the National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Fellowship Advisory Board.


Research in my laboratory strives to understand what genetic changes contribute to the formation of new species, and how the process of genetic recombination affects both species formation and molecular evolution. I've been fascinated at how often genetic recombination plays a major role in any evolutionary genetic question I seek to pursue, so understanding its causes and effects has become a thread uniting the dissertations of most people in the laboratory. Our approaches combine classical genetic, molecular genetic, and genomic/ bioinformatic analyses, along with occasional forays into areas like animal behavior (in relation to speciation). I am also very interested in helping develop educational activities (K-12 or college) in genetics and evolution. See my lab webpage for more detailed information:


  • Ph.D., University of Chicago 1996
  • B.S., College of William and Mary 1992

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