Secondary Faculty

Zoila Airall, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs for Campus Life
(919) 684-3737

Betsy Alden, D.MN.

Administrative Coord
(919) 660-3033

Lisa Carboni

Adjunct Associate Professor in the Program in Education
(919) 660-3075

Li-Chen Chin, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President for Intercultural Programs, Student Affairs
(919) 684-5480

Hugh Crumley, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Duke Graduate School
(919) 660-5975

Emily Daly

Instruction & Outreach Librarian
+1 919 660 5879

Darla Deardorff

Manager, International Prgms
+1 919 668 1928

Jehanne Gheith

Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature
(919) 660-3147

Janice M Giles

Adjunct Instructor-Univ of Education

Deborah Hicks-Rogoff

Adjunct Instructor of Education
(919) 681-7931

Mika Joyce Hunter

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Master of Arts in Teaching
(919) 684-4353

Paula Januzzi-Godfrey

Instructor, (P-T) Univ of Education
(919) 660-3075

Brian McDonald

Instructor in the Program in Education
(919) 684-5387

Laura Howard McHenry

Visiting Lecturer in the Program in Education
(919) 668-4138

Sam Miglarese

Adjunct Instructor of Education and Director of the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership
(919) 668-6300

M. Ronen Plesser

Professor of Physics
(919) 660-9668

Antholene Prillaman

Adjunct Associate Professor of Education
(919) 660-3075

Julie Reynolds

Associate Professor of the Practice of the Department of Biology
(919) 681-6899

Craig D Roberts

Assistant Professor of the Practice in the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
(919) 613-5027

Christopher P. Roy

Associate Professor of the Practice of Chemistry
(919) 660-1518

Rochelle D. Schwartz-Bloom

Professor in Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
(919) 684-5181

Sabrina Thomas, Ph.D.

Senior Assoc Dean, Trinity College
(919) 684-2075

Sue Wasiolek

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students
(919) 668-3853