Elementary Teacher License (K-6)

The Elementary Teacher Preparation Program earns undergraduates a teaching license for kindergarten through sixth grade, and a Minor in Education from Duke. Our program prepares you for the critical thinking and decision-making that will be required of as a caring and reflective educator in K-6 classrooms. You will gain knowledge and skills needed to address the changing needs of elementary children and their families. Our curriculum includes work in technology-rich environments with diverse student populations.

Application Instructions

Requirements – 8 Courses

In addition to the courses needed to fulfill your major, you must take the following:

  • EDUC 101 Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 240 Educational Psychology
  • One course in Psychology (PSY) (e.g. Developmental or Introductory)
  • EDUC 407S Teaching Practices in Elementary Mathematics and Science (senior fall)
  • EDUC 408S Teaching Practices in Elementary Language Arts and Social Studies (senior fall)
  • EDUC 409S Elementary School Curriculum (senior spring)
  • EDUC 410S Research and Reflective Practice in Elementary Education (senior spring)
  • EDUC 420 Elementary School Teaching Internship (student teaching; offered only in the spring of the senior year; counts for two course credits)

NOTE: Coursework and field experiences in the professional knowledge are sequenced; please discuss the sequence with your advisor.