Fellow Profile: Brianna Tuscani

About Brianna

English Teacher, Jordan High School 

Though our circumstances and cultures vary greatly across the world's classrooms, good practice affirms an individual's humanity--whether that be with a teacher or a student. Traveling to Nepal, an opportunity sponsored through Duke TeachHouse, equipped me with greater global context for understanding education systems around the globe. This collaboration with Teach for Nepal demonstrated the great capacity for collaboration amongst educators and other community stakeholders from political offices to the caretakers of our little ones to affect more tangible change.

Brianna Tuscani was a TeachHouse fellow and Resident Mentor from 2018 to 2020. She received her B.A. in English from Milligan College in 2018 and her Master of Arts in Teaching from Duke in 2019. She was awarded the 2019 Virginia S. Wilson Excellence in Teaching Award. Brianna currently teaches English at Jordan High School. She is from Warwick, Rhode Island.