Julianne Hall

Julianne Hall
Duke University, M.A.T. in Science Education
Undergraduate Institution and Major(s)/Minor: 
B.S. in Chemistry with Highest Distinction, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
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About Me

Julianne Hall grew up in Cincinnati, OH and went to a small, private school for her entire education up through high school. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

During the fall of her junior year, she had the opportunity to be a Teaching Assistant (TA) for an organic chemistry class and realized that teaching was the career path for her. She began to search for opportunities that would allow her to continue to explore teaching and discovered Breakthrough Cincinnati, a division of the national Breakthrough Collaborative. This program had two goals: to develop and equip college students to become successful classroom teachers, and to continue to put high-achieving, but also high-risk, middle school students on the path to college. She taught 8th grade chemistry and 8th and 9th grade Spanish with Breakthrough Cincinnati and fell in love with her students, her fellow teachers, and the culture and community of Breakthrough. This experience solidified her desire to pursue a career in teaching.

Duke's MAT Program stood out to me for two reasons: the two teaching internships at two different schools and the opportunity to work so closely with a small group of students and faculty. She says, "I believe that there is only so much you can learn about teaching from textbooks and discussions until you have to set foot in a classroom, take control of your students, and apply what you have learned. I know I will be better prepared for my first year of teaching because of these two internships, as opposed to just one offered by most other programs. In addition, learning for me has always been a collaborative process and one in which continual feedback from my teachers and mentors has proved to be quite valuable. I’m looking forward to being a member of this collaborative and feedback-oriented program over the next year."

Professional Work

Online Labs in the High School Science Classroom: virtualsciencelabs.weebly.com

This website was created as part of a summer inquiry project completed as part of my MAT coursework. It outlines the benefits and drawbacks of using virtual and online labs in the high school science classroom, incorporating both research studies and input from current high school science teachers. The website also includes my conclusions and stance on the use of virtual labs in science classrooms as well as a list of links to online labs I would recommend to other teachers.

Awards & Accolades

David L. Stern Scholar, 2015

Phi Beta Kappa, 2014

Golden Key International Honour Society, 2012