Course of Study

The MAT program provides talented candidates with a challenging program of study within their academic discipline while preparing them for careers as secondary school teachers. The program combines graduate coursework and a 27-week internship under the direction of highly effective mentor teachers at two local Durham public high schools. The 36-unit program takes one calendar year to complete, beginning during summer session II and ending at the conclusion of summer session I the following year.

Course Requirements 

Summer II

  • MAT 702: Educating Adolescents (3 hrs.)
  • MAT 703: Effective Teaching Practices and Strategies (3 hrs.)


  • MAT 741: Student Teaching Internship (4 hrs.)
  • MAT 743: Culturally Responsive Teaching (2 hrs.)
  • MAT 748: Assessment, Evaluation and Educational Technology (3 hrs.)
  • MAT 749: Differentiated Instruction and Diverse Learners (3 hrs.)


  • MAT 742: Student Teaching Internship (6 hrs.)
  • MAT 744: Leading Through Teaching (3 hrs.)
  • MAT  Content Course (3 hrs.)

Summer I

  • MAT 746: Advanced Methods and Materials for Teaching Secondary - Humanities (English and social studies teacher candidates)
  • MAT 747: Advanced Methods and Materials for Teaching Secondary - STEM (Science and math teacher candidates)
  • MAT Content Course (3 hrs.)