Duke TeachHouse

Duke TeachHouse is a living and learning community for graduates of the Duke University teacher preparation programs: Elementary, Secondary, and Master of Arts in Teaching Programs. The intensive experience focuses on equipping early career educators with the confidence, competence, knowledge and networks necessary to develop leadership, creative problem solving, and innovation skills.

Duke TeachHouse is located on 9th Street near Duke University.

Supporting Durham Public Schools

Duke TeachHouse Fellows work full time as classroom teachers in the local public schools. Peer reflection and school innovation anchor the mission and work of Duke TeachHouse. Fellows receive support from the University for an innovation initiative they launch that will positively impact their school community.

Based out of a fully renovated house in Durham, Duke TeachHouse offers an extraordinary experience for participating fellows that includes:

  • Creating a robust peer learning and support environment among Duke TeachHouse Fellows.
  • Supporting Duke TeachHouse Fellows on their path of personal growth and development and transformative impact.
  • Cultivating an environment for creative problem-solving and innovation.
  • Putting bold ideas into action in K-12 public classrooms while creating impactful lives.
  • Connecting and collaborating with educational leaders, entrepreneurs, and policy-makers within the local community and across the state, nation, and globe.