Clinical Student Teaching Internship 

The MAT program uniquely provides teacher candidates with a yearlong internship experience in Durham Public Schools at two of the area high schools. The 27-week internship consists of a part-time engagement in classroom instruction and observation during the fall semester followed by full-time engagement during the spring internship placement. This teaching experience is encompassed through these courses:

  •  MAT 741 Internship and Reflective Practice (4 units)
  • MAT 742 Internship and Content Methodology (6 units)

Fall Internship: Teacher candidates will spend 15-20 hours at their assigned internship site and mentor teacher classroom. During this time candidates will observe high quality instruction and engage in instructional tasks such as lesson planning, co-teaching, solo instruction, grading and family contact. It is the expectation that candidates actively integrate into their school community by participating in professional learning communities (PLCs), school-wide professional development and events, and extracurriculars (when feasible).

Spring Internship: Teacher candidates shift to their second internship site and mentor teacher. Candidates engage in a full-time (e.g. 8:00AM - 4:00PM), 9-week internship. Candidates are expected to assume full teaching responsibilities for their mentor teacher's course schedule. 

The  mentor  teacher, who  is  an  invaluable member of the MAT program, will provide candidates with ongoing feedback and support to teacher candidates throughout the internship. Candidates and mentor teachers will engage in observation cycles to assess candidates' teaching practices and skills.  The mentor teacher is the primary clinical methodology instructor and coach. Candidates are also supported in the field by Duke MAT Clinical Supervisors who assist candidates in applying educational theory into practice through observation and direct coaching. 

Candidates are assessed at the commencement of each internship cycle with the North Carolina Teacher Candidate Evaluation Rubric . Candidates must earn a rating of 'proficient' on the rubric by the conclusion of the MAT program to be recommended for licensure. 

Internship Expectations

  • MAT interns are bound by all of the rules and expectations for full-time faculty at their host high schools including but not limited to dress codes, social media policies, student contact policies, etc. Durham Public Schools Board Policies for personnel can be found on the DPS website
  • The MAT internship follows the Durham Public Schools calendar. e.g. MAT candidates still report to their internship site during Duke University's spring break; MAT candidates continue to report to their internship after the university's fall semester has ended.
  • All candidates must submit a criminal record check and be approved to work in Durham Public Schools prior to beginning the internship.
  • The MAT program is a clinical teacher preparation program. Candidates cannot accept full-time employment as a teacher while completing the program. 
  • Candidates are responsible for ensuring that they have a reliable transportation plan to attend their internship site daily at the designated time. All high school internship sites are within Durham County.