Director Profile: Dr. Jan Riggsbee

About Jan Riggsbee

Professor of the Practice in Education

Co-Founder & Director, Duke TeachHouse

At the heart of a teacher's craft is a genuine PASSION for the art of teaching and a joy of learning and discovery. As early-career teachers, TeachHouse fellows are encouraged and supported to bring their unique passions to their classroom, school, district, and peer-learning community. From committee work at the school sites to participating and speaking at district, state, and national meetings to exploring innovative practices through summer fellowships and internship programs, TeachHouse fellows are continually seeking opportunities to grow and voice their passions.

Jan Riggsbee is a Professor of the Practice in the Duke University Program in Education and founding director of Duke TeachHouse. As a senior member of the Education faculty, she has provided leadership to the department and university in various roles during her Duke career, including two terms as director and chair of the Program in Education, director of Duke’s Elementary Teacher Preparation Program, director of Knowledge in the Service of Society/Duke FOCUS Program, and faculty mentor for two Bass Connections teams. A seasoned educator, she has also served public and private educational institutions as an educational consultant, school administrator, and classroom teacher. Research interests focus on teacher growth and development, mentorship and coaching, school innovation, and community-based learning. Honors include the Trinity College Distinguished Teaching Award/Robert B. Cox Award and the David E. Paletz Award for Innovations in Teaching.