Fellow Profile: Autumn Weidman

About Autumn 

English Teacher, Hillside High School

Love, care, and intentionality for my students, community, and work are central to my belief that all kids are deserving and capable of success. I am grateful to be amongst a team of innovators who also center students and, through that shared vision, are willing to push me to be better for my students every single day.

Autumn received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Literary Studies & Public Affairs from Columbia College with honors in 2015 and from Duke University with her Master of Arts in Teaching in 2020.  At Columbia College, Autumn took advantage of the Washington Program where she interned at the Embassy of Ireland. After graduating from Columbia College, Autumn was selected to work for Teach for America (TFA) and taught English at Jim Hill High School in Jackson, MS. During her time with Teach for America, she was selected to work as a Content Leader for Liberal Arts teachers, where she created and facilitated professional development for Teach for America corps members. After her 2 years with Teach for America, Autumn returned to her high school alma mater, R.B. Stall High School in North Charleston, SC.  She was committed to working at Stall because many students would be first-generation college prospects like she was, and part of her commitment was to show students personally that they could attend college and realize possibilities in themselves. She started her 5th year of teaching at Hillside High School in Durham in the fall of 2020. Autumn is from Lincolnville, SC.