Fellow Profile: Emma Paradiso

About Emma

Second Grade Teacher, Central Park School for Children 

TeachHouse has eneabled me to make friends with people who feel "out of reach"--when else would I meet Peter Gamwell, a leader in creativity and innovation in education? While in Canada, we toured public schools and analyzed how the Renfrew School System as a whole was creating opportunity for all students to exercise creativity in their own learning. Since we've come back from Canada, we've stayed in touch and continued to share ideas with Peter across borders. 

Emma Paradiso was a Resident TeachHouse fellow from 2018 to 2020. She currently teaches second grade at Central Park School for Children in Durham, North Carolina. She recieved her B.A. in Psychology and Minor in Education from Duke in 2018, all while playing Duke Volleyball for 4 years. Emma is from Izmir, Turkey.