Financial Aid

Duke President Richard Brodhead hosted 25 of our Durham Teaching Fellows in his home in 2014. This program is an important part of the university's relationship to our home city of Durham.
Duke President Richard Brodhead hosted 25 of our Durham Teaching Fellows in his home in 2014. This program is an important part of the university's relationship to our home city of Durham.

Students who demonstrate financial need can expect financial assistance from the program, either in the form of a general grant or an MAT-administered endowed scholarship including the Graduate Education Scholarship, the Kegley-Pfeiffer Prize, and the Sulzberger Award.

The MAT Program has also been successful in helping students secure outside support. In the past several years those awards have included: the James Madison Memorial Fellowship in the amount of $24,000; the Wallace-Wade Scholarship in the amount of $9,000; and the Knowles Science Teaching Fellowships which provide financial and ongoing professional development during the MAT year and beyond.

Apply for Scholarships/Fellowships/Stipends

The same needs-based criteria used for federal financial aid is used by MAT in making awards. In order to demonstrate financial need, students must complete the free FAFSA Form. All financial aid decisions for the coming academic year are made by May 1. In order to be included in the financial aid applicant pool, admitted students must have the completed form returned from the federal government prior to April 15.

Additionally, applicants who wish to be considered for any of the scholarships, fellowships or stipends paid through the MAT Program should submit a MAT Financial Aid Application directly to the MAT office.

For more information: (919) 684-4353 or send an e-mail to

The Durham Teaching Fellowship is a competitive graduate fellowship jointly funded by President Brodhead, Trinity College's Dean's office, and the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program. Fellows are awarded full tuition remission and an $8,000 stipend in exchange for an agreement to teach in Durham Public Schools for two years upon completion of the Program. Duke awards up to eight Durham Teaching Fellowships each year.

History of the Durham Teaching Fellowship

The Durham Teaching Fellowship was initially established in 2006 through a joint announcement by Duke University and Durham Public Schools (DPS). The Fellowship was designed to extend the longstanding partnership between Duke and DPS through the preparation of highly-qualified teachers in Durham. Since 2006, the Durham Teaching Fellowship has provided funding for 56 new high school teachers for the Durham Public Schools system. As of fall 2015, 27 former Durham Teaching Fellows are still working in nine area middle and high schools, teaching both standard curriculum classes as well as honors, AP, and elective courses.

Meet our Fellows

For a glimpse of the amazing and dedicated individuals who have served as Durham Teaching Fellows, check out the bios of our past recipients (2007-2014). 

National Science Foundation logoThe Duke Robert Noyce Teacher Fellowship is a competitive National Science Foundation (NSF) fellowship that funds up to six annual fellowships to highly-successful STEM graduates to become high school mathematics and science teachers in high-need school districts. The Duke Noyce Fellowship includes at least $30,000 of tuition support and a $1,000 monthly stipend ($1,500 for mid-career professionals) in exchange for an agreement to teach for two years in any public high school in a high-need school district.

Wells Fargo logoIn the 1987, Wachovia Bank (now Wells Fargo), created a Duke endowment to support highly-successful undergraduates who commit to the profession of teaching. The MAT Program awards three partial Wells Fargo Fellowships of differing amounts each year. To apply for the Wells Fargo Fellowship, please complete Duke University MAT Program Fellowship Application.