Teaching in Durham, NC

The merger in 1992 of the former Durham County School System and former Durham City School System created Durham Public Schools, which serves approximately 34,000 students. Within Durham Public Schools there are twelve high schools that range in size from 140 to approximately 2,000 students:


As the Discover Durham Visitor Center says, 

"Durham is a historical haven, a sanctuary for the spectacular, and a rough-cut gem waiting to be unearthed. Durham’s been a destination on the move for more than 150 years. Perhaps it’s time you discovered it too.

Maybe you’ve heard about our celebrated food scene, top-notch universities or buzzing startup culture. There’s just something about this place. It transcends categories. Durham has something intangible, inspiring and absolutely alluring.

Before our sidewalks were lined with award-winning eateries, they were traversed by our first generation of industrious entrepreneurs. Seeds of equality and justice were planted here long ago, and they have blossomed into a colorful community where murals tell our proud story of inclusivity. We are where inspiration is found, where all are welcome and where the wild, wonderful, bold and beautiful come together in unexpected ways.

Want in? Come discover Durham."

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